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Anti-Slip Shoe Stickers

Slip Resist

Slip Resist

“I tried these and was zooming around like it was nothing! I got so much more accomplished not having to walk slowly and carefully for fear of falling.”

Strong grip, slip-resistant
For all shoes
Easy to use
High durability

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No Slipping. No Sliding. Just Grip.

Conquer slippery grounds with confidence. Engineered to make any shoe slip-resistant at a fraction of the cost of actual slip-resistant shoes. Stay safe and slip-free with CushiFix™ Slip Resist self-adhesive stickers.

How to Use

1. Remove protective layer
2. Lay down with sticky side up
3. Press shoe on sticky side
4. Cut along sole for precise fit



CushiFix™ Slip Resist

are perfect to make any shoe slip-resistant!
Simply cut them to the individual shape of the shoe sole and add the self-adhesive rubber sticker to your shoes.
They are an affordable alternative for expensive slip-resitant shoes.


Works For

all shoes. Quickly decrease all trip hazard zones to allow fluid movement between slippery environments. Ultra-lightweight, durable, high-grade rubber blend with traction and durability.

No-Brainer For People Who

want to feel safe on any floor without being worried about falling.

Stop sliding and be safe in every environment, during work, at home or outside.

Take every corner with confidence when you apply CushiFix™ Slip Resist.


How many stickers are in 1 package?

1 package contains 1 sticker (10 x 50cm)

What's the size?

Each sticker is 15cm x 37cm.

(4 stickers in 1 package)

Does this work for flip-flops?


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Why CushiFix™ Slip Resist?

Compare CushiFix™ with slip-resistant shoes here


Order your Cushifix™ Slip Resist today and immediately enjoy a slip-free day!

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