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Indestructible Headlamp



FlashFlex is a blindingly bright headlamp! Designed for outdoor adventures to withstand the elements.

Wave sensor
Secure fit, no bounce
IPX4 waterproof
Blindingly bright
Ultra wide beam

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Tech Specs

Material: Silicone Rubber

Light Source Type: LED

Lumens: 350

Weight: 2.4 Ounces

Water Resistance Level: IPX4

Dimensions: ‎3.94 x 2.4 x 1.54 inches

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Working Time: 3-8 hours

Max. Angle: 230°

Battery: rechargeable USB-C

Control: Motion Sensor

Max. Range: 100 meters

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Light. Bright. Indestructible.

FlexFlash is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who need a reliable source of hands-free lighting.

The wide beam angle allows you to see everything in your surroundings, while the powerful 350 lumen output can reach distances of up to 150 feet.

  • Rechargeable

    USB-C fast charging

  • flashflex-durable-headlamp-waterproof

    Water & Impact


  • Ultra Bright

    350 lumens

  • No-Bounce

    sits flat

  • Comfortable

    one size fits all

  • 8 Hours

    battery life

On/Off Wave Activation

Simply wave your hand on the side of the headlamp to activate the motion sensor and turn it on or off.

This feature keeps you from fumbling to reach the button in the dark or trying to operate it with dirty or greasy hands.


No Blind Spots

The 230° beam immumination allows you to see everything in your surroundings, and the powerful 350 lumen output can reach groundbraking distances of up to 150 feet.



Sleek design - not bulky or big on forehead like traditional models.

And the best thing is that you never feel that you have it on your head. This thing is super lite.

FlexFlash comes in handy, when you need to use both of your hands and can't hold a flash light.


Suitable For Rough Terrain

Our indestructible headlamp is built to withstand the toughest conditions, while providing a super bright beam to light your way.

It's waterproof & dustproof, meaning it can withstand dirt, sand, and other debris without affecting its performance.

Fits Hard Heads

FlexFlash suits your needs - always! Our headlamp conveniently fits hard heads and helmets.

Enjoy maximum visibility while protecting your head.

  • flashflex-bright-beam-headlamp-reviews-3


    "FlashFlex is a great deal for the money and I have bought several for family and friends that love camping. The motion detector is used to turn off/on the lamp by a simple wave of your hand near the side of your head. This feature keeps you from fumbling to reach the button in the dark or trying to operate it with dirty or greasy hands."

    Paul Hoover (verified customer)

  • flashflex-bright-beam-headlamp-reviews-1


    "I purchased FlexFlash for a lighter and more compact alternative to my traditional head lamp, for doing projects around thehouse, when working on my car, and for my woodworking detail work. I am pleased with how well it wraps around my hat and that I don't feel it on my head, and with the brightness and lighting option function contained on this lamp. I particularly value the motion on/off functionality by simply waving my hand over the sensor... convenient and brilliant!"

    Jeremy Smith (verifed customer)

  • flashflex-bright-beam-headlamp-reviews-2


    "Needed a new headlamp for my hardhat, and this thing works great. The LED strip is bright and will illuminate the area it's pointing at. Fits decently on a hardhat, and recharging is easy."

    Ben Philip (verified customer)

World's #1 Indestructible Headlamp For Perfect Night Vision Anywhere, Anytime!


The FlashFlex Difference
There is a very good reason why outdoor enthusiasts all around the world trust FlashFlex, and that is for good reasons! This headlamp is good for camping, sport, repairing and more. Eliminating dead spots FlashFlex puts regular flashlights to shame.
See further and be seen when it matters!

What Makes FlexFlash Different?

Compare FlexFlash with your current headlight here


Order your FlexFlash headlight today and quickly enlite any dark space!

Not Your Ordinary Headlamp 💡

The FlashFlex Difference

With an ultra wide viewing angle, this headlamp illuminates more than what your eye can see, and is twice as wide as traditional headlamps. Eliminating dead spots FlashFlex puts regular flashlights to shame.
See further and be seen when it matters!

FlashFlex vs Others

FlashFlex crafted with modern technology, making it the brightest headlamp on the market.

Featuring military-grade material, it's lightweight & comfortable, offering up to 8 hours of illumination.


What material is it made of?

FlashFlex is made of durable and stretchable headbands with silicone lamp shells, it's waterproof and sweatproof. Weighs only 2.4oz, soft and comfortable to wear, and can be adjustable to any head size or even fit over hats.

Can I turn off the wave sensor?

Yes. It's just a button away. Easily press the button to activate or deactivate this feature.

Does FlexFlash fit on hard hats?

Yes. The flexible headband can be adjusted to fit any helmets, hats or caps. The non-slip material keeps FlexFlash in place.

Is FlexFlash good for jogging?

Yes. Thanks to its sleek design, FlexFlash won't swing around or bounce up and down.

What does the package include?

1 x FlexFlash Headlamp

1 x USB Type C Cable


Don't Like FlexFlash? No Problem!

Not convinced yet?

Do you come to the conclusion within 30 days that FlexFlash is not for you? No problem! You can return FlexFlash, after which we will refund the full amount to your account.

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