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For Hiking Boots

CushiFix Insoles

CushiFix Insoles

Huffing and puffing up inclines, struggling to keep up with hiking partners, jelly legs, foot pain & blisters are universal hiker experiences. NOT with CushiFix™ insoles!

Anti-fatigue technology
Medical grade arch support
Shock absorbing cushioning
Stability on uneven terrains
Unique fabric prevents blisters

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How To Use?

First, remove the original inserts before you add CushiFix™ orthotics.

While adjusting to CushiFix™, you may feel firm support along your arch, but after a few days, you probably won't notice them any more.

Give your feet some time to get used to the new position.

Just line up your original insoles and cut the same length.

Quality Guarantee

Made To Last

The thing that is different about CushiFix™ is the DESIGN.

They have a plasticy shell that absorbes the shock where the arch is, and doesn’t ever “sink in”, like many other inserts do (such as a gel or memory foam.)

They are thin enough on the areas necessary to be comfortable in every shoe.

Who Needs This?

If you have...

- foot pain or swelling
- stabbing heel pain
- pain in ball of foot
- flat feet or high arch
- a lower limb injury
- knee or back pain

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The Perfect Insole Doesn't Exist! Or Does It?


The Cushifix™ Difference
The perfect insole can ensure that you walk for miles without sore feet. Walking with foot pain is now a thing of the past. Because everyone’s needs are differently, you would say that everyone also needs different insoles. This is no longer necessary, as we have come up with the solution for this. Meet: CushiFix™ insoles. After endless testing of prototypes, we have designed the perfect insoles that offers everyone the right support while walking thanks to its flexible design. CushiFix™ ensures that you hit the trail with more endurance and less pain every day.

As Flexible As Possible Yet Firm Enough

How is this possible? This is because CushiFix™ insoles use PORON® cushioning  pads. It’s the leading footwear material featuring open cells material: breathable, elastic, moisture absorption, it helps to stay cool and dry in shoes.

The biggest advantage of PORON® is that is provides cushioning without adding extra bulk to your boots. 

Arch Support Without Constriction

Stiff footbeds are kind of putting your feet into a cast. CushiFix™ insoles have flexible arch support enhanced with durable honeyomb gel for optimal shock absorption.

Our insoles provide the right amount of cushion and comfort while still allowing your feet to move naturally. 

No Stinky Feet, No Blisters

Because we use the antimicrobial top-fabric it prevents stinky bacteria from taking over your boots. This means you can take off your boots with confidence and not stress about embarrassing smell. 

Another benefit is its friction-reducing ability. This ensures you are less prone to getting painful blisters that can potentially ruin your hike. 


Will CushiFix™ make me taller?

CushiFix™ insoles fit in your favourite shoe discretely. The insole gives the illusion of natural height. Friends and family will not notice that you are wearing insoles.

Do CushiFix™ help for lower back pain?

CushiFix™ may help with lower back pain in people who have some type of foot dysfunction or imbalance.

Over-pronated low arch foot-type (also commonly called 'flat feet', collapsed arches, pes pancakus). When your arches collapse inwards, this causes your legs to rotate inwards, your pelvis to tilt forwards and increases the curve and stress in your lower back – often resulting in low back pain and fatigue.

CushiFix™ provides the right amount or arch support to correct misalignments of your feet and relieve back pain.

Do I need to remove the original insoles?

Yes. Just line up your original insoles and cut the same length.


Don't Like The Insoles? No Problem!

Not convinced yet?

Do you come to the conclusion within 30 days that CushiFix™ is not for you? No problem! You can return CushiFix™, after which we will refund the full amount to your account.

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    "I like the fact they are not too thick so they don't make your shoes fit tight. The messaging action of the ridges in the toe area is a great benefit."

    Mike from Mike's Mountain Adventures

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  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    "CushiFix MADE ME A BELIEVER In Replacement Insoles. I've been shockingly very pleased with them."

    Ray from Hike ALOT

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    "I was so thankful I brought mine to Salem to add to my shoes because we walked 15,000-20,000 steps a day, every day, and my feet didn’t hurt at all!"

    Ady from Verbal Gold

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Why CushiFix™ Insoles?

Compare your current insoles with CushiFix™ here


Order your Cushifix™ Insoles today and quickly enjoy your best hike ever!

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