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Lights for Crocs

Croc LED's

Croc LED's

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"I bought these half joking but they do actually provide bright light if you're walking your dog in the dark.”
Cara James, verified customer

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Croc LED's Should Be Standard

If you live in your Crocs, you'll love Croc LED's by CushiFix™.
They are the perfect addition to your shoes.
Secure fit, no wobbling!

For Die Hard Croc Users ❤️

Pretty neat LED's for Croc lovers. Although they make everyone laugh, they do serve a practical purpose.

Light the way to let the dog out at night or at camping trips.

Fit Crocs and Similar Models

Croc LED's are not only limited to Crocs.

They are versatile and also fit similar models of rubber shoes.


Perfect for rainy nights to avoid stepping into every puddle.

IPX5 waterproof and dustproof, the high-quality aluminum body can take up with all circumstaces without damage.

Ultra Bright

They illuminate 10m distances, lasting 72 hours!

Whether you walk your dog at night, and don’t want to step in his earlier poop or you are on a covert mission to the fridge for a snack - you'll have great visibilty.


How many lights are in 1 package?

1 package contains 2 Croc LED lights

What are they made of?

Croc LED's are made of high-quality aluminum.

How do I change the light mode?

As described, Croc LED's provide 3 light modes: : steady on, slow flashing and fast flashing. They do come with directions, you just need to press the head part of the lights to change the light mode when you wear them. Super easy.

What Are Croc LEDs Customers Saying?

  • cushifix-reviews-tamy


    "I got these to add to my camping crocs and they are the perfect addition. The lights work in 3 settings, On, flashing, and strobe.

    While they' don't put out a lot of light, they put out enough to see a few feet in front of you, which is more than enough when venturing into the trees after dark."

    Tamy Baker

  • cushifix-reviews-lisa


    "I have to say I am actually impressed by Croc LEDs. They are bright enough to light up a dark hallway at night on your trip to the bathroom. Batteries were included. Take the paper out between the batteries and replace them in the lights and you are ready!"

    Lisa Husted

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  • cushifix-reviews-Jenny


    "These Croc LED lights are the prefect stocking stuffer for my 10 year old. He doesn’t like going out at night without a flashlight so these are a fun, creative solution to our at night walks or simple trips to throw out the garage."

    Jenny Benee

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