The Disney Rash - Read This If You Have A Rash On Your Legs After A Disney Vacation

What is the Disney rash?

The Disney rash is a very common topic for years amongst Disney visitors. It is an inflammation of the blood vessels in the ankles and calves.

It appears after prolonged exercise in the heat and humidity, such as walking for an extended period of time or standing in long lines.

The Disney rash is also known as Exercise-Induced Vasculitis (EIV).

People report their lower legs are basically covered in tiny little dots of blood or like a miniature bruising with just speckles of red. This particular rash can be itchy.
If you are not familiar with Disney rash it is often misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction or some kind of bug bites.

You might have realized that the rash appears above the sock line (if you are wearing socks). Your shoes and socks provide some kind of compression that prevents damage to small blood vessels.

If you wonder “Why is it called Disney rash?” the reason is that it is common among Disney visitors and theme parks in general.


Is Disney rash dangerous?

No. The Disney rash is not dangerous, it’s a harmless condition that usually fades away within 2 weeks after it appears. but you should still monitor the rash to make sure it isn't progressing.

But you should keep an eye on it to make sure it is not progressing.

If you do notice open sores or blisters ask a dermatologist to take a look at it. You want to avoid getting an infection in case of open wounds.


How to treat Disney rash?

Compression socks seem to not only stop the runaway cooling response but to give support to the capillaries so they don't explode.

If you notice it happening, you should immediately get to a cool place and elevate the legs and cool them off with a wet cloth or ice to halt the runaway response.

For the damage that's done, take anti-inflammatory over-the-counter meds such as an antihistamine or aspirin/ibuprofen. If there are lesions, thoroughly cleanse with soap and apply antimicrobial cream and some lotion.

Also, a gentle massage can work wonders. It drains lymph fluid out of the legs and increases the blood flow in both deep and superficial leg veins. This can help reduce the rash.


What causes Disney rash?

Factors include heat and humidity and strenuous use of leg muscles. One guess that it's a run-away feedback loop of trying to cool down the temperature in the legs (mostly the calves?).

Exposed leg skin is slightly cooler from sweating. So the capillaries in that region open up to bring blood closer to the skin to get cooled. But it's really hot and humid, so, there's no real cooling happening.

So the affected skin says, "Fine, now we're really going to open up.... POP!" Blood vessels burst.

The strenuous exercise just makes things hotter, forces more blood through the capillaries, and when you stop, blood pools in the legs.


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